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PCIM Europe 2023

9th 5月 2023 - 11th 5月 2023

Tuesday 9th May

• “GaN Power ICs Drive Efficiency and Size Improvements in BLDC Motor Drive Applications.”,
– 11.40am: GaN Devices Session, Brüssel 1, Alfred Hesener, Senior Director, Industrial Applications

• “GaN Power ICs Enable 300cc 700kHz 300W AC-DC Converter.”
– 11.40am: Power IC Session, München 2, Tom Ribarich, Senior Director Strategic Marketing

• “GaN-based High-Frequency, High-Power-Density, 2-in-1 Bi-directional OBCM Design for EV Applications.”
– Power Electronics for Electric Cars Poster Session, Foyer, NCC Mitte, Bin Li, Senior Applications Manager, for Minli Jia, Sr. Staff Applications Engineer

Wednesday 10th May

• “Wide Bandgap Design with GaN HEMT and Vertical GaN.” (panel)
– 1:05pm, Hall 7, #480, Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations

Thursday 11th May

• “Reliability and Quality Requirements for SiC and GaN Power Devices.” (panel)
– 12:10pm, Hall 7, #480, Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations

• “High-Frequency High-Efficiency LLC Module with Planar Matrix Transformer for CRPS Application Using GaN Power IC.”
– 2:20pm, DC-DC Converters Session, Brüssel 1, Bin Li, Senior Applications Manager


9th 5月 2023
11th 5月 2023


Nuremberg Exhibition Center
Nuremberg Exhibition Center
Nuremberg, Germany, Germany
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