SEC Filings

8-KPR138A LOKB Vote 8-K SEC filing10/13/21
8-KPR147 PIPE expansion, FPA 8-K SEC filing10/07/21
425 SEC approval of Navitas-LOKB S-4 Registration Statement09/20/21
425PR124 Deutsche bank Conference09/02/21
425PR132 Added PIPE, Investment backstop08/23/21
S-4Navitas-LOKB Registration Statement (Amended)08/20/21
8-KAdditional PIPE investment, Investment Backstop08/17/21
425PR110 Navitas Lenovo 130W08/05/21
n/aNavitas-Investor Meeting NASDAQ NY (transcript)07/26/21
8-KNavitas-Investor Meeting NASDAQ NY07/26/21
8-KNavitas-Investor Meeting NASDAQ NY (slides)07/26/21
S-4Navitas-LOKB Registration Statement (Amended)07/13/21
425Transcript of a demo presentations from June 22, 2021, posted to YouTube by Navitas on July 22, 202107/22/21
425Lenovo, Enphase, OPPO and Brusa to present at Navitas NY Investor Meeting (PR)07/21/21
425Navitas and Xiaomi 3rd GaNFast Charger (PR)07/16/21
425Navitas selected for EETimes Silicon 100 (PR)07/15/21
n/aAnalyst Day transcript06/22/21
425NY Investor Day Announcement (PR)06/30/21
n/aAnalyst Day presentation, notated placards06/22/21
425Analyst Day presentation, notated placards, transcription of presentation06/22/21
8-KAnalyst Day presentation, notated placards, transcription of presentation06/22/21
425CJS Securities New Ideas Summer Conference (PR)07/06/21
S-4Navitas-LOKB Registration Statement06/07/21
8-KNavitas-LOKB current report filing05/07/21
8-KInvestor Presentation05/06/21
8-KInvestor Presentation Transcript05/06/21
Investor Presentation (with audio)05/06/21