“Navitas employs an application-specific, design-driven approach to ensure the quality and reliability of our GaNFast products consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

Anthony Schiro, VP Quality

Quality Performance*

GaNFast Power ICs Shipped

Device Hours in the Field

Field Failures

Field ppm

FIT Rate

Equivalent Device Hours Tested



Quality and production data (actual) is reviewed at the start of each month, then shipment data incremented per estimate of production backlog.

  • GaNFast power ICs shipped: Production material only.
  • Device Hours in the Field: assumes 3-month allocation for transits, distribution and customer assembly times.
  • Field Failures: confirmed GaN-related field-use failures.
  • Field ppm: Parts per million defect ratio (# field failures / # Million units shipped)
  • FIT Rate: ‘Failures In Time’ (# Reliability Test Failures / Billion Equivalent Device Hours)
  • Equivalent Device Hours Tested: Total device hours tested x reliability acceleration factors.

Quality & Reliability Technical & White Papers

Systematic Approach to GaN Power IC Reliability

Application-Specific Reliability Testing

Founder Member JEDEC JC-70.1 Gallium Nitride, 2017

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