APEC 2022 IS06-4 Oliver – GaN Market Update

GaN Adoption, Market-by-Market

Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations
Navitas Semiconductor
[email protected]

Second Revolution in Power

An Expansive Market Opportunity

(1) GaN IC potential market based on voltage rating of 80V – 1,000V derived from Yole Développement. Status of the Power Electronic Industry 2020. Reflects estimated GaN market opportunity for power semiconductors by 2026.

Phones: More Battery, Longer Charge Time

Phones: More Battery, More Power

Phones: Even More Power

Fast… Now Ultra-fast Chargers

• New, fast-growth market
• Full charge in <10 mins (150W), <20 mins (120W)
• Require 2x or 3x GaN power ICs
     – PFC and DC-DC stages

GaN Adoption Within A Market

GaN Adoption Within A Customer

Consumer Choice

Smaller, Lighter, Lower Cost

3-in-1, 3x Smaller, Lighter, Cheaper


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