“Do you have the Energy to revolutionize power, to inspire, to be inspired and make a difference?”

Lucy Li

Lucy Li: Director, Human Resources

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Navitas is a young, dynamic and fast-growing company with fresh ideas and a robust, next-generation technology that is rapidly taking a major piece of a power semiconductor market forecasted to be worth over $22B by 2026. Working in a diverse, worldwide and pioneering culture our people are at the heart of our success and are fundamental to the Navitas commitment to optimizing energy transformation and efficiency.

From Los Angeles to Shanghai, careers at Navitas span cutting-edge IC design and innovative applications engineering to pioneering research and ensuring customer success and revenue growth.

Lucy Li

Shaun Sandera, Sr. Human Resources Manager

Navitas employees are unified by one clear and cohesive vision, to electrify our world. That builds an unrivaled culture focused on collaboration, innovation, and unshakable resolve to overcome every obstacle placed in front of us.”

Grow your Career with Navitas

Whether you are looking to deepen your gallium nitride experience in GaN power IC design or support close alliances with the biggest names in smartphones, laptops, automotive, renewable energy and data centers, the opportunities at Navitas are varied and rewarding. The right candidates can broaden their knowledge as a key player in an industry-wide, high-frequency eco-system or establish themselves as an innovation expert via patents, peer-reviewed journals and creative industry alliances.

All of our people get to enjoy the GaNFast culture for sustainable and accelerated career growth.

Social Inclusion & Diversity

Navitas is an equal opportunity employer and inclusion and diversity are key aspects to the company’s worldwide operations. We welcome all people regardless of race, color, gender, beliefs and disabilities. Feel free to checkout our International Women in Engineering post here.

Lucy Li

Weijing Du: Sr. Staff Applications Engineer

“As a female engineer, I had a lot of self-doubt and had to find a balance between work and family. However, Navitias fully encouraged me to get involved with revolutionary projects to help me grow and flourish in my area of expertise. Working for Navitas has continued to help me grow and help create a brighter future, not only for Navitas but the world.”

“I started working as an engineer over 20 years ago. Although I enjoy what I do, I do feel the struggles as a woman in the engineering field. This especially feels true in trying to find the balance between caring for my family and continuing to advance my career. Even with these struggles, the colleagues and friends I have gained at Navitas feel like a family to me and have helped me to excel and continue to reach my goals.”

Lucy Li

Hexia Hao: Principal Layout Engineer

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Ref.TeamRoleLocationCountryJob DescriptionJoin Us!
NVHR115IC DesignStaff/Sr. Staff/Principal IC Design EngineerShanghai/Shenzhen/HangzhouChinaApply
NVHR149Product/TestProduct EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR150Product/TestReliability EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR154Product/TestSr. Test Development EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR156Product/TestStaff Product EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR157Product/TestStaff Reliability EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR161IC DesignStaff/Sr. Staff/Principal System EngineerShanghai/Shenzhen/HangzhouChinaApply
NVHR162SalesSr. Technical Marketing EngineerShenzhenChinaApply
NVHR169IC DesignStaff Analog IC Design EngineerHybridUnited StatesApply
NVHR171Product/TestSr. Staff Reliability EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR176IC DesignPrincipal Design Engineer (Principal Analog IC Designer)HybridUnited StatesApply
NVHR177Product/TestPrincipal Product EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR179Product/TestPrincipal Test Development EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR180Product/TestSr. Staff Product EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR181IC DesignSr. Staff Design Engineer (Analog IC)TorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR182Product/TestStaff Test Development EngineerTorranceUnited StatesApply
NVHR185SalesCustomer Service/Sales Operations ManagerChina/Taiwan/PhilippinesAsiaApply
NVHR186FAEStaff/Sr. Staff Field Applications Engineer(high power)ShenzhenChinaApply
NVHR187Sales/MarketingSr. Technical Marketing Engineer(high power)ShenzhenChinaApply
NVHR189ApplicationsEV Software EngineerShanghaiChinaApply
NVHR191QualityProduct Quality EngineerHsinchuTaiwanApply

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