APEC 2022 Navitas Exhibitor Seminar

High-Volume, Low-Cost, High-Reliability Manufacturing

Speed and Efficiency Drive Value

(1) Based on Navitas measurements of GaN-based chargers compared to Si-based chargers with the same output power.

(2) Navitas estimate of GaN-based power systems compared to Si-based systems in the 2024-2025 timeframe, Navitas measurements of select GaN-based chargers vs. Si-based chargers with similar power.

(3) VGS failure distribution based on Navitas internal characterization of Discrete GaN Transistors compared to GaN power ICs.

Critical Integration: GaN Discrete → GaN Power IC

(1) Samsung 45W charger (GaN MCM) vs. OPPO 50W SuperVOOC Cookie (Navitas GaN IC)

Innovation Drives System Value & Cost

• Industry pioneer in GaN ICs
• Proprietary AllGaN™ Process Design Kit (PDK)
• 145+ patents awarded or pending

• New generation every year
• Gen 3 GaNSense™ in production
• VDSupgraded to 700V (800V transient)
• Gen 3 high power sampled Q4’21
• Application-specific Data Center, Solar, EV
• Gen 4 sampling Q2’22

GaNFast Evolution

• Old, slow technology
• High Qg
• High COSS
• FSW < 100 kHz

• Exposed gate
• External gate drive
• dV/dt sensitivity
• Layout sensitivity
• ESD sensitivity
• Unknown reliability
• Unknown robustness

• Internal gate
• Integrated gate drive
• dV/dt immunity
• Layout insensitive
• 2KV ESD rating
• Proven reliability
• Proven robustness

• Autonomous standby
• Autonomous protection
• Loss-less current sensing
• High precision
• High efficiency

Loss-Less Current Sensing: Why?

• Reduce R(ON)TOT by 50%
• Efficiency increased +0.5%
• No RCS PCB hotspot (-85°C) 10
• No RCS PCB footprint (-30 mm2)

Autonomous, 6x Faster OCP

• Existing solutions use ext. RCS
• Filter + controller mean long delay

• Autonomous over-current protection (OCP)
• Fast-acting self-protection
• Cycle-by-cycle protection
• Excellent robustness

• QR controller OCP = slow turn-off (180 ns)
• NV6136 OCP = fast turn-off (30 ns)

Fast Chargers: 2-3% of $2B Potential

Note: #Charger metrics as of December 2021. Shipments as of Feb’22
(1) Based on no GaN-related, reported failures in consumers’ end use through Feb’22.
(2) Based on 5/5 top smartphone and 5/5 top laptop suppliers

Batteries, Fast Charging Demand More Power

Batteries, Fast Charging Demand More Power

Design for Reliability
• Integrated drive, sensing and protection
• Component reliability, and system reliability
Testing for Reliability
• Proprietary production test methods
• GaN ICs tested 400% (multi-temp, high-freq)
Characterization for Reliability
• Exhaustive, proactive, and unique Navitas reliability program
• Proprietary, highly-accelerated Op-Life, plus JEDEC, plus ELFR monitoring
• Founder member of JEDEC JC70.1

(1) Data as of end Feb’22: Number of units shipped, reported GaN-related field failures, device hours in the field, equivalent device hours tested

Electrify Our World™

Disclaimer 2-22-22

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