Electrify our World™ with Next Generation Fast Mobile Chargers

Highly efficient chargers using GaN ICs enable 3x faster charging at half the size and weight

The ‘Planet Navitas’ booth at CES (Las Vegas, January 2023) featured fast-charging smartphones and laptops in a ‘study room’ setting, with special support from OnePlus and the 10T smartphone. At PCIM (May 2023), the study has been converted into a live demo area, with real-time display of GaNFast and GeneSiC components and applications by Navitas Application Engineers.

GaN is a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20x faster than legacy silicon and enables up to 3x more power, 40% energy savings and 3x faster charging in half the size and weight

Higher capacity batteries and the demand for faster charging drive chargers to higher power, greater efficiency and smaller form factors. GaNFast power ICs revolutionize fast – and ultra-fast – charging for all mobile devices: phones, tablets and laptops.

All the top 10 mobile phone and laptop companies, including Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, vivo and OPPO, plus aftermarket suppliers such as OnePlus, Ugreen, Anker, Belkin, Baseus, Amazon, Spigen and many more are developing GaNFast chargers using Navitas technology.

Navitas GaN ICs are currently in over 225 chargers in mass production and over 290 chargers in development.

Over 65M GaN ICs have been shipped with zero GaN-related field failures.


Mobile Fast Chargers: 6x faster switching frequency, 3x smaller design

Navitas GaNFast Power ICs integrate control, drive, sensing, and protection features for all electronic power applications, including next generation fast and ultra-fast mobile chargers.

Due to the superior switching capability, higher-frequency operation shrinks magnetics and other passive components to enable dramatic reductions in size, cost and weight while increasing power density.

The tiny-yet-powerful OPPO cookie charger uses two, 2MHz-rated NV6115 GaNFast ICs in an active-clamp flyback (ACF) architecture with zero-voltage and zero-current switching for the highest efficiency.

The breakthrough low-profile form-factor is achieved using a high-frequency planar transformer. At only 82 x 39 x 10.5 mm (33 cc), and a featherweight 55g, the OPPO cookie is the world’s thinnest, lightest 50W fast-charger.

Ultra-Fast Chargers: 70% Smaller, 65% Lighter, 35% Energy Savings

GaN power devices are capable of extremely high switching speeds, therefore monolithically integrating the driver stage and power stage is key to achieve highest switching frequencies, whilst keeping the signal clean, and eliminating any unwanted noise to effect the control and reliability of the device.

GaNFast power ICs are easy-to-use, high-speed, high-performance ‘digital-in, power-out’ building blocks. Monolithic integration of gate drive with the power stage enables virtually zero loss in turn-off because the gate drive loop has essentially zero impedance. This also eliminates parasitic gate loop inductance and prevents gate ringing and glitching. In addition, turn-on performance can be controlled and customized for specific application requirements.

Additional features are integrated to support real-time autonomous sensing and protection circuits, further improving reliability and robustness while increasing the energy savings and fast-charging benefits of Navitas’ GaN IC technology.

300W Half-Bridge: GaN Integration Drives Speed, Efficiency, Stability

Navitas’ latest family of GaNFast Half-Bridge ICs with GaNSense technology integrate a complete half-bridge power stage, which is a fundamental building block for inverters, used in many applications from datacenters, motor drives, and electric vehicles.

GaNSense half-bridge power ICs integrate two GaN FETs with drive, control, sensing, autonomous protection, and level-shift isolation, to create a fundamental power-stage building block for power electronics.

This revolutionary single-package solution reduces component count and footprint by over 60% compared to existing discretes, which cuts system cost, size, weight, and complexity.

The integrated GaNSense technology enables unprecedented autonomous protection for increased reliability and robustness, combined with loss-less current sensing for higher levels of efficiency and energy savings.

The high integration levels also eliminate circuit parasitics and delays, making MHz-frequency operation a reality for a broad range of AC-DC-power topologies including LLC resonant, asymmetric half-bridge (AHB), and active-clamp flyback (ACF). The GaNSense half-bridge ICs are also a perfect fit for totem-pole PFC, as well as motor-drive applications.

33 W GaN Charger with GaNSense Control

65 W GaN Charger with GaNSense Control

140 W PD3.1 Charger with GaNSense Half-Bridge ICs

4-point efficiency vs load

240 W PD3.1 Charger with GaNSense ICs

  • 5% Peak Efficiency
  • 200 kHz switching
  • PCBA : 70 x 65 x 22 mm3 (100CC) / Cased : 76 x 71 x 28 mm3 (151CC)
  • Power Density: 2.4 / 1.6 W/CC

300 W Charger with GaNFast ICs