Article: GaN Half-Bridge Integration Accelerates the Power-Electronics Revolution

Five years into the second revolution in power semiconductors, gallium-nitride-(GaN)-based mobile fast-chargers dominate flagship smartphone and laptop models, taking market share from legacy power silicon chips. This next-generation ‘wide band-gap’ technology is cascading into mainstream mobile applications and simultaneously breaking-out from that beachhead market, into higher-power consumer, solar, data centers and EVs.

A new power-platform – the integrated, feature-rich, high-efficiency GaNSense™ ‘half-bridge’ – is a fundamental building-block in high-power, high-speed applications, where GaN not only delivers smaller, fast-charging and lower system-cost applications, but also can save an estimated 2.6 Gtons of CO2/year by 2050.

This article was written by Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations and published by Power Electronics News, EE Times & EET China.