At the Speed of GaN (gallium nitride)

At the Speed of GaN

Center for Power Electronics Systems
Annual Meeting April 2017

Gene Sheridan, CEO
[email protected]

Linear vs. Switching Regulator Adoption

Power Transistors – 10x Disruptions

The Power of GaN Power ICs
… Unequaled Speed & Efficiency

650V Half-Bridge AllGaN™ Power IC

• Proprietary AllGaN™ technology
• Monolithic integration of 650V eMode GaN FET, driver, logic
• Internal level-shift & bootstrap circuits
• Ground-referenced, digital input
• High dV/dt immunity (200 V/ns)
• Zero inductance turn-off loops
• ESD, UVLO, shoot-through protection
• Flexible topologies: Active Clamp Flyback, Half-Bridge, LLC, etc.

Discrete Half-Bridge Drive – 5 Key Losses

Eliminating Gate Loop Losses

External drivers

• Just 1-2 nH of gate loop inductance can cause unintended turn-on
• Gate resistors reduce spikes but create additional losses

Integrated GaN drivers (iDrive™)

• Eliminate the problem
• Negligible turn-off losses

Eliminating Bootstrap Losses

Eliminating Half-Bridge Losses

Eliminating Footprints and Complexity

High-Frequency Half-Bridge Integration

Half-Bridge GaN Power IC at 2 MHz

Frequency Drives Transformer Size & Cost (65W)

Frequency Drives EMI Filter Size & Cost
Conductive frequency range: 150 kHz – 30 MHz

Magnetics’ Frequencies – 10x Every 10 years

GaN Power ICs enable Hi-Density Adapters
3x Higher Density with 50% Energy Savings

AllGaN: 150W, PFC+LLC, 300 kHz → Over 20W/in3

AllGaN: 150W, PFC+LLC, >1Mhz → 35W/in3

Fast Chargers … going “GaN Fast”
3x Fast Charging with 50% Energy Savings

AllGaN: 45W, ACF, 300kHz → 2-3x Faster Charging

AllGaN: 25W, ACF, >1MHz → 4-5x Faster Charging

Time for Another Disruption…

High-Frequency Resonant Market Adoption