Bodo’s Panel: The Industry Leader in GaN Power ICs

Navitas, 2 GaN Industry Leader, Accelerates with Over 50M Units Shipped

Electrify Our World™

Industry’s first Sustainability Report to quantify the positive impact of GaN on climate change based on global standards

(1) Navitas and Earth-Shift Global analysis. 4x lower for 2021, 10x lower by 2022 per life-cycle analysis
(2) Navitas and Earth-Shift Global estimated based on 65W charger per life-cycle analysis
(3) Navitas estimate based on GaN vs Si total life-cycle analysis.
(4) DNV estimate for 75%-adoption milestone pull-in, total road sector benefit
(5) Company information, DNV GL, EPA, IEA, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). See 5-7-21 Investor presentation for details (filed with SEC). Derived from demand & energy efficiency CO2 reduction of 1.4 Gt; assumes a $0.12 / kWh cost of electricity and a carbon to energy ratio of 0.00071 tons / kWh, aligned with the EPA’s marginal emission rate.