CDT: Teardown report of Belkin 200W quad USB-C port gallium nitride desktop charger

“Belkin is a well-known accessories brand, with chargers, data cables, wireless chargers, converters and other accessories. Charging Head Network has obtained the BoostCharge Pro USB-C 4-port gallium nitride charger launched by Belkin. This charger model is WCH015, supports 100-240Vac global wide voltage input, has a total output power of 200W, and supports PD3.1 140W fast Charge.

The charger comes with a 1.5-meter-long three-plug power cord that supports grounding. There will be no numbness or electric shock when charging the laptop, which greatly improves the user experience. The charger C1 and C2 interfaces share 140W output power, and the C3 and C4 interfaces share 60W output power. The total output power is 140W+60W.”