CDT: Teardown report of GravaStar A65 Bumblebee co-branded gallium nitride charger

“This charger from Gravity Planet is a co-branded model of Transformers and Bumblebee. The charger shell is designed with a yellow tone and uses folding pins. The overall feel is quite good. The charger has a 2C1A interface, of which the USB-C1 interface has an output power of 65W, the USB-C2 interface supports 20W output power, and the USB-A interface supports 18W output power. When dual ports are used at the same time, it supports automatic power distribution, which can meet the simultaneous charging needs of mobile phones and laptops.

The switching power supply main control chip uses Navitas’ GaNSense Control sealed gallium nitride chip NV9580, which has a built-in 170mΩ gallium nitride switch tube and a high-frequency QR controller. It has lossless current detection, high integration, high conversion efficiency, and can achieve small size Optimized fast charging design. Supports CCM/QR/DCM control mode, integrates cycle-by-cycle current limiting, AOCP, OTP and LPS protection functions, with ultra-low standby power consumption of only 20mW.