ChargerLab: Teardown of Anker GaNPrime 120W Charger

Navitas NV6136A delivers maximum efficiency in PFC stage for Anker’s GaNPrime Charger family.

Navitas’ latest family of GaNFast Power ICs with GaNSense technology integrate control, drive, sensing and protection features for high density charger and adapter applications.

Key features such as loss-less current sensing eliminates external current sensing resistors to increase system efficiency, reduce PCB footprint, and eliminate RCS hot-spots. Up to an additional 10% can be improved in energy savings compared to prior generations, as well as further improving reliability and offering a reduced CO2 footprint.

“Navitas’ next-generation GaNFast™ power ICs with GaNSense™ technology are used in the latest lineup of Anker GaN chargers, replacing slow and inefficient legacy silicon materials, reaching 97% peak efficiency and with up to 25% energy savings. By adopting our latest technology, Anker can reduce the CO2 footprint of the whole charger by up to 30% vs. legacy solutions”, comments Gene Sheridan, CEO of Navitas.