ChargerLab: Teardown of Lenovo thinkplus GaN Nano 65W Charger

The Lenovo 65W USB-C GaN Adapter ushers in a new age of safe, efficient portable charging. Powered by Gallium Nitride (GaN) ICs, this charger is up to 55% smaller, 60% lighter, 30% more power-efficient compared to legacy silicon chargers. With PD 3.0 certification, it supports the fast charging of USB-C devices up to 65W. This 3rd generation of Lenovo thinkplus 65W Nano charger adopts a planar transformer and special structure to significantly reduce size.

Navitas’ GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology is used as the primary switch. NV6134A integrates lossless current sensing, which eliminates external current sensing resistors to increase system efficiency and reduce PCB footprint, eliminate RCS hot-spots. For example, in a 65W charger, the power loss savings by eliminating the external resistor results in a +0.5% efficiency benefit for the overall system.

View video here: