EE Times Green Engineering Summit: GaN Power ICs Lead the Way to Sustainability

“The EE Times Green Engineering Summit was held September 13-15. The goal of this summit was an exchange of ideas by various companies on their approach towards a more sustainable, lower carbon footprint future from the generation and storage of renewable energy, manufacturing of essential components and systems in a more efficient way, the use of electronics to give real time control in agriculture, as well as environmental monitoring and modeling.”

“Anthony Schiro, VP Quality and Sustainability of Navitas Semiconductor led a presentation titled “GaN Power ICs Lead the Way to Sustainability and Deliver CarbonNeutral® Status.” Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, Editor-in-Chief of Power Electronics News and EEWeb moderated the session. Navitas is a manufacturer of gallium nitride (GaN) based power devices based on the lateral enhancement mode GaN-on-Silicon (Si) technology using a proprietary AllGaN™ process design kit (PDK) that includes the GaN FET and GaN drive, with logic and protection circuits.”