GaNSense Half-Bridge IC – Overview

GaNSense half-bridge power ICs integrate two GaN FETs with drive, control, sensing, autonomous protection, and level shift isolation, to create a fundamental power-stage building block for power electronics. This revolutionary single component solution reduces component counts and footprints by over 60% compared to existing discretes, which cuts system cost, size, weight and complexity.

The integrated GaNSense technology enables unprecedented autonomous protection for increased reliability & robustness, combined with loss-less current sensing for higher levels of efficiency and energy savings.  The high integration levels also serve to eliminate circuit parasitics and delays, making MHz frequency operation a reality for a broad range of ac/dc-power applications including LLC resonant, asymmetric half-bridge (AHB), and active-clamp flyback (ACF). The GaNSense half-bridge ICs are also a perfect fit for totem-pole PFC, as well as motor drive applications.

Find out more in our whitepaper and Application Note AN018: