Navitas and Spigen Join Hands to Launch the Super Compact ArcStation Pro GaN 652 65W for Apple Devices

Spigen, has chosen the company’s latest GaNFast™ gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs for its new ultra-compact 65 W dual-port fast charger.

Thanks to the Navitas GaNFast technology, the ArcStation Pro GaN 652 is able to perform much more efficiently than traditional silicon-based chargers, ensuring a higher power output that generates less heat. This has allowed Spigen to design an ultra-compact and lightweight solution that is ideally suited to the daily charging of two Apple devices at the same time.

The new dual USB-C port charger is also compatible with the ‘Super-Fast 2.0’ 45 W charging required by the Samsung Galaxy series. For gamers, the ArcStation Pro GaN 652 can simultaneously fast-charge a Samsung Galaxy and a hand-held Samsung Steam Deck gaming device. 

Spigen’s in-house tests have demonstrated that, using the new charger, an iPhone 14 can be charged from zero to 85% in less than an hour, while a Samsung Galaxy S23 can reach 100% in a similar time.

Available from Amazon, the Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 652 is available in three different colors: Midnight Black, Cream White and Sirra Blue.