New GaNFast™ Power ICs with GaNSense™ Technology Loss-Less Current Sensing & Autonomous Protection

“The latest family of Navitas GaNFast Power ICs with GaNSense technology includes control, drive, sensing and protection features for high density charger and adapter applications. Integrated gate drive eliminates parasitic gate loop inductance and prevents gate ringing and glitching, integrated lossless current sensing eliminates external current sensing resistors to increase system efficiency and reduce PCB footprint, eliminate RCS hot-spots, and real-time over-current (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) circuits provide fast and reliable protection against short-circuit and overload fault conditions.”

Check out our latest application note that includes a detailed description of each new GaNSense function, schematics and PCB layout guidelines, in-circuit examples and waveforms, and thermal management instructions.