Planet Navitas Showcases Tomorrow’s Sustainable World at CES 2023

Planet Navitas Showcases Tomorrow’s Sustainable World at CES 2023

Immersive booth design incorporating the home of the future illustrates how next-gen GaN and SiC technology supports mission to “Electrify our World™”

At CES 2023, Navitas Semiconductor invited CES attendees to discover how next-generation gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) technologies are playing a vital role in delivering global sustainability by enabling fully-electrified housing, transportation and industrial applications as well as improving the performance of renewable energy designs.

Built as the all-electric ‘home of the future’, the company’s immersive booth design showcased the latest semiconductors for improving the efficiency of applications and devices that can be found in the rooms of a typical home including the kitchen, study, lounge and garage as well as the HVAC systems and domestic solar panels that provide heating, cooling and sources of renewable energy. The booth also provided a window onto solutions for data center power, industry and transportation.

Visitors were able to see how GaN and SiC chips can be effectively deployed in applications that range from TV power supplies to 140W Ultra-Fast cellphone chargers, home appliance motors and compressors to power tools and from 20 kW electric vehicle (EV) chargers to solar/micro-grid installations. In each case Navitas highlighted the key end-user benefits, such as increased portability, longer range, faster charging, and grid-independence as well as demonstrating how low-carbon-footprint GaN and SiC technology have the potential to reduce global CO2 emissions by over 6 Gtons a year by 2050.

Navitas is the only pure-play, next-generation power semiconductor company and industry leader in GaN and SiC power ICs and believes that, collectively, applications for GaN and SiC represent a market that is estimated to grow to $22 billion dollars a year.

The technology portfolio in display at CES 2023 encompassed GaNFast™ power ICs – which integrate GaN power and drive with control, sensing, and protection to enable faster charging, higher power density, and greater energy savings – and complementary GeneSiC™ power devices that provide optimized high-power, high-voltage, and high-reliability SiC solutions.

Other Navitas CES Highlights

As well as technology demonstrations, Navitas’ CES activities also included the “Navitas Presents” series and a variety of competitions throughout the event.

‘Navitas Presents’ provided insightful, live presentations that highlighted the latest advances in power electronics. As well as presentations such as ‘Electrify our World’, ‘The Silicon Chip is Dead!’ and ‘Living Well Off the Grid’ from the Navitas team, leading consumer brands Anker, OnePlus, Spigen and UGREEN informed visitors how the latest smartphone and laptop charging performance, speed and size benchmarks are being facilitated by GaN ICs.

Competitions included:

  • “OnePlus™ GaNFast Gaming Experience!” – a high-energy, fast-paced video game competition, with daily prizes of OnePlus 10T high-end gaming smartphones and earbuds, featuring 150 W GaNFast ultra-fast charging from 1-100% in only 19 minutes.
  • “GaNFast Giveaway!” – fast and ultra-fast GaN charging with high-speed charger prizes from sponsor partners Anker, Spigen and UGREEN.
  • “Win a Tesla!” – the last chance to enter the Navitas competition to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance, worth $60,000.

And, as ever, the Navitas ‘GaN’ twins mascots Gallie and Nitro were on hand to welcome visitors and to promote the company’s message of an achievable, sustainable electrified world.