Power Electronics News: Autonomous GaN Power ICs Deliver High-Performance, Reliable Motor Drives

 “The next big step in efficiency, both in the inverter and motor as well as in the overall system, can be achieved by using gallium nitride in the power stages. GaN-based devices are much closer to the ideal switch, offering significantly lower switching losses and resulting in many different benefits.”

“Navitas GaNFast ICs integrate a driver with enhancement-mode FETs, wherein two-dimensional electron gas density creates electron mobility. With no active p-n junctions, no inherent body diode exists, leading to no reverse-recovery charge in the device. This significantly reduces switching losses and provides smoother voltage waveforms during switching events, with minimal ringing, resulting in increased performance and system reliability and lower system cost.”

This article was written by Alfred Hesener, Senior Director Industrial Applications at Navitas Semiconductor.