PowerUp 2023 – Navitas Semiconductor Presents GaN & SiC: Accelerating Revolutions!

Today GaN & SiC are driving the wide band-gap revolution, with a predicted 30% market share seized from legacy silicon by the end of 2028. Acceleration also plays a role in next-generation systems, with faster switching frequencies (kHz-MHz) and switching speeds (dV/dt, V/ns). As power component blocks become easier to use, time-to-market is reduced, and market adoption of new topologies is accelerated. Accelerating revolution also factors into market transitions, especially in global electrification, with the change from ICE to EV, coal/gas to solar/wind and energy storage, gas furnaces to heat pumps, and upgrading from low-efficiency (~60%) AC motors, to high-frequency BLDC reaching up to 90%.

Presented by Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations, Navitas at Power Up 2023, hosted by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio from Aspencore.