PSD: Navitas to Acquire Silicon Control IC Company

“Navitas Semiconductor announced an agreement to acquire the remaining minority interest in its silicon control IC joint venture from Halo Microelectronics for a purchase price of $20 million in Navitas stock.”

In 2021, Navitas and Halo created a joint venture to develop application-specific silicon controllers that are optimized to work in combination with Navitas GaN ICs to set new standards for efficiency, density, cost and integration for a wide range of applications.

The first family of products have been developed and released to production which address AC-DC power supply applications across mobile, consumer, home appliance and auxiliary power supplies in enterprise, renewables, EV and other related markets.  The silicon controller and GaN ICs combine either as a ‘chip-set’ or are co-packaged, to target 20 W to 500 W applications and have already been adopted by dozens of customers set to introduce their next-generation products later this year.