TWST.COM: Navitas Semiconductor Corp. (NVTS) is the Way to Invest in Gallium Nitride [GaN] Fast Charging Electronics

Navitas Semiconductor (NVTS) CEO Gene Sheridan wants investors to know that the environmental benefits are also commercial benefits.

Gallium Nitride [GaN], while it’s very advanced in material, and very advanced with the design innovations that Navitas [Semiconductor (NVTS)] has brought to that material, GaN actually uses old semiconductor fabs, the silicon fabs that silicon doesn’t want anymore.

Fabs that were built back in the 1980s and 1990s, that are fully depreciated and underutilized, can now be retrofitted for pennies on the dollar.

So it’s very capital efficient to use these older, low-cost underutilized fabs.

It allows us to serve our customers, even when we’re growing very fast. Right now we’re offering six- to 16-week lead times where our silicon counterparts are often at six- to 12-month lead times.

So that’s really kept us ahead of the curve, and it allowed us to grow even faster.”

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