Innovation Lays the Foundation for Long-Term Cooperation

“One of Lenovo’s missions is to create the most excellent and most innovative products in the world. It is a great pleasure for us to establish long-term cooperation and explore more new possibilities with Navitas Semiconductor.”

Mr Jin CHEN, General Manager, Cellphone Business Department, Lenovo China

As the world’s largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company, Lenovo has established itself as a leading personal technology business. Dedicated to transforming customers’ experience with technology, Lenovo has made innovation part of its DNA, allowing the company to constantly reimagine technology to make the world more interesting and to solve tough global challenges.

A Long-Term Partnership

Navitas and Lenovo have laid the foundations for a long-term partnership by cooperating on the development of high-performance, fast charging technology for laptops and mobile phones.

As a result of choosing Navitas GaNFast™ gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs the Fortune 500 company has been able to improve customer experience by making its chargers faster, smaller and more powerful.

“I’m quite astonished at the revolutionary influence brought by the advanced GaN Fast technology of Navitas Semiconductor.”

 -Mr Jin CHEN, General Manager, Cellphone Business Department, Lenovo China

Navitas and Lenovo– A Timeline

It was in June 2020 at SEMICON China that it was first revealed that Navitas GaNFast power ICs had enabled Lenovo to deliver the world’s smallest, lightest charger for powering its new Carbon X1 and YOGA laptops. Billed as the ultimate in portability, the Lenovo Thinkplus Lipstick 65W GaN fast charger can power any tablet or phone using a USB-C connector.

According to William Wang, Lenovo’s Director of Marketing,“GaNFast power ICs enabled us to achieve a 50% reduction in size and weight on our original laptop adapters and 25% reduction vs. the previous best-in-class Lipstick.”

In July 2020 Lenovo announced mass production of the fastest, most powerful charger for Legion e-sports gaming smartphones. Supplied ‘in-box’ with every Legion phone, this 90W dual USB-C fast charger uses Navitas GaN ICs to deliver 40% more power and to charge 25% faster than previous best-in-class hardware. Measuring just 66mm x 62mm x 28mm the Legion fast charger can fully charge a 5,000mAh battery in just 30 minutes.

Less than a year later, in April 2021, it was announced that the YOGA CC65 – the world’s smallest folding pin 65W dual USB-C fast charger – was built around GaNFast power ICs. This charger is being shipped with a number of Lenovo laptops including the Xiaoxin Air 14, Air 15, Pro 16 and both the YOGA Duet and Yoga 5G.

 “It’s precisely because of the Navitas GaNFast chip that the Lenovo YOGA CC 65 can be very portable and compact.”

 – Yuezhu SONG, Director of Consumer Fan Marketing, Lenovo

Successful Long-Term Cooperation

Navitas is confident that its advanced GaN technologies will continue to deliver solutions that address Lenovo’s continual drive for innovation and looks forward to a long and mutually successful collaboration. As Navitas China VP & General Manager Charles Zha states:

“It is a great honor for Navitas Semiconductor  to provide GaNFast power ICs to help Lenovo continually improve user experience and drive forward technological innovation.”

Yingying (Charles) ZHA, VP & General Manager, Navitas China

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Navitas Powers the Launch of Lenovo’s 2021 Xiaoxin and YOGA laptops

Navitas Semiconductor announced that the Lenovo laptops Xiaoxin Air 14, Air 15, Pro 16 plus the YOGA Duet and YOGA 5G were officially launched on April 22nd, and featured the YOGA CC 65 – the world’s smallest folding-pin 65W dual USB-C fast charger, using GaNFast™ power ICs.