Four Decades of Power Electronics Achievements
Dr. Fred Lee transitions CPES Leadership after 40 years of growth and innovation.

The Center for Power Electronic Systems (CPES) at Virginia Tech University became the premier power electronics institute in the world under the leadership of Dr. Fred Lee. As described in his open letter, this was an era of innovation and development for world-class power electronics engineers. Dr. Lee now hands the CPES leadership role to the very capable Dr. Dushan Boroyevich.

Under Dr. Lee, the industry has benefited from extraordinary developments at CPES that include multi-phase converters, intelligent power modules, soft-switching topologies, high-frequency magnetics and so much more. At Navitas, we have fully embraced Dr. Lee’s vision for soft-switching, high-efficiency and high-frequency converters and we are enabling a new class of ultra-high-density converters based on these principles utilizing our industry leading GaN power ICs.

Our engineering team benefits from a high concentration of CPES alumni who are translating their academic learnings and developments into commercial realities at Navitas. A big, public thank you to Dr. Lee for his extraordinary contribution to the power electronics industry!


Gene Sheridan
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Navitas Semiconductor