Latest advances in GaNFastTM power ICs will be disclosed

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(PRWeb)— Navitas Semiconductor announced today that Co-Founder and CTO/COO Dan Kinzer will deliver a keynote address to share the latest GaNFast power IC technology developments at the first-ever IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA) Asia in Xi’an Shanxi, China.

“This inaugural WiPDA Asia conference brings a forum to China and the rest of Asia for the best minds in next-generation, wide-bandgap power semiconductor devices to share their advances. It is an excellent opportunity to show the device-level and system-level performance and robustness benefits of GaNFast power ICs,” said Mr. Kinzer, “We are pleased to present these advancements that are enabling a new class of high-frequency, high-efficiency & high-density power systems.”

The Navitas keynote, titled “GaN Power IC Performance, Reliability and System Benefits”, will be at 9am on May 19th at the Cullinan Huicheng Hotel, Xi’an. Mr. Kinzer will discuss GaN-integrated features such as drivers, voltage regulators, level shifters, bootstrap-charging, dV/dt control, with shoot-through and ESD protection. These features not only protect the system but also cut frequency related losses so dramatically that they enable a 10x-20x increase in switching frequency with lower total losses. The resulting efficiency allows a new generation of high-density power converters to operate with minimum heatsinking and well-controlled case and external touch temperatures.

“China is a very strategic region for Navitas and for the power electronics industry,” explained Charles Zha, Navitas Senior Director of China Sales. “We are investing aggressively in China – last month we announced our first China sales office and applications lab in Shenzhen.  This invited keynote at the first ever WiPDA event in China further reinforces the Navitas commitment to bring the world’s most advanced power semiconductors to the region.”

About Navitas:

Navitas Semiconductor Inc. is the world’s first and only GaN Power IC company, founded in 2014 and based in El Segundo, CA, USA. Navitas has a strong and growing team of power semiconductor industry experts with a combined 200 years of experience in materials, devices, applications, systems and marketing, plus a proven record of innovation with over 200 patents among its founders. A proprietary process design kit monolithically integrates the highest performance GaN FETs with GaN logic and GaN analog circuits. Navitas GaNFast™ Power ICs enable smaller, higher energy efficient and lower cost power for mobile, consumer, enterprise and new energy markets – over 35 Navitas patents are granted or pending.

About WiPDA Asia 2018:

WiPDA Asia 2018 (Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications) is sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics and Electron Devices Societies and the Power Source Manufacturers Association (PSMA). WiPDA Asia provides a forum for device scientists, circuit designers, and application engineers to share technology updates, research findings, development experience, and application knowledge. WiPDA Asia 2018 is at the Cullinan Huicheng Hotel, Xi’an, China.

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