Apsencore Guide to Gallium Nitride edited by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio and Nitin Dahad

As silicon reaches its theoretical performance limits for power electronics, industry is shifting toward wide-bandgap materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN), whose properties provide clear benefits in power converters for consumer and industrial electronics. This book delves into GaN technology and its importance for power electronics professionals engaged with its implementation in power devices.

Foreword: Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)

Market overview: Yole Développement

Technology analysis: Elena Barbarini, System Plus Consulting; Filippo Di Giovanni, STMicroelectronics; Alex Lidow, EPC; Chris Lee, Power Integrations; Dilder Chowdhury, Nexperia; Stephen Oliver and Dan Kinzer, Navitas Semiconductor; Stefano Lovati and Davide Di Gesualdo, EEWeb; Paul Wiener, GaN Systems; and Professor Alex Q. Huang, Tianxiang Chen, and Ruiyang Yu, University of Texas at Austin. In addition, there are reports from Jens Tybo Jensen, Jun Honda, and Pawan Garg, Infineon Technologies; Max Zafrani, EPC Space; Kasyap Patel, Wolfspeed, a Cree Company; Andrea Vinci, Tektronix; and Gerald Deboy, Infineon Technologies.

Tech papers: Keysight, ON Semiconductor, Cadence, United Monolithic Semiconductors, Transphorm, Nexperia, and CEA-Leti

…or click to read Navitas chapters “The GaN Revolution in Fast Charging & Power Conversion” and “Future Direction and Challenges”