Gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs have gone from strength to strength in what has been a turbulent 2020 for many in the power semiconductor industry.

GaN has been established as leader in mobile & consumer fast-charging with adoption by Lenovo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Dell and many other top-tier OEMs, plus dozens of aftermarket companies. Looking to 2021, GaNFast power ICs will add more performance, control and autonomous protection features and address higher powers.

In parallel, we’ll see the introduction of new, soft-switching control ICs for advanced, high-frequency topologies like totem-pole and pulsed active clamp flyback. This combination means that efficiency and power density will forge ahead while system costs fall. The rapid production ramp will not only continue but be accelerated by expansion into higher-power markets such as all-in-one PCs, TVs, server, eMobility and new energy.

A new year also gives us a chance to look at environmental issues and work to “electrify the world”, i.e. accelerating the change from fossil fuels to renewables, both in terms of energy sources and energy uses.

Navitas predicts that a change to GaNFast technology could save over 140 Mtons of CO2 by 2030, equivalent to 200 billion miles driven by an average car, 200 million barrels of oil, or 20 fewer coal power plants for a year.

We must stress that our hearts and thanks go out to all those who have struggled and suffered with the virus worldwide during 2020.

We wish everyone in our community a brighter 2021, and look forward to meeting each other safely, face-to-face once more