CPSS & PSMA Joint Workshop on Power Supply Industry Innovation was successfully held on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.There were over 200 experts and scholars from China and the United States present at the workshop, discussing on topics of New energy, New energy vehicles, Energy storage, Data center, and Consumer AC-DC, etc.
The conference site
The workshop aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between American enterprises and Chinese enterprises; facilitate communication and discussion on the trend of power supply industry according to the present development of the industry of China and the US. It was held during the CPSSC’2017 in Shanghai as one of the key activities of the conference.
Workshop Chairs were Prof. Dehong Xu, President of CPSS and Prof. Stephen Oliver, President of PSMA.
Prof. Dehong Xu (Right) and Prof. Stephen Oliver (Left)
There were three topics at the workshop. Representatives from both CPSS and PSMA gave a speech respectively on the topic. Question and answer session followed.
The first topic was New energy Green cars and Energy storage. Dr. Haffee Luo, Director of IGBT MC, from Times Electric Co. Ltd, Semiconductor Business Unit, gave a report on CRRC IGBT Technology and Application in New Energy. According to the technical specifications and trends of application in new energy which contains: New energy field summary and application demands; CRRC new energy application IGBT wafer specification; CRRC new energy application IGBT module technical specification; CRRC new energy application IGBT developing trend.
Dr. Haffee Luo
The other speaker of topic one was Prof. Stephen Oliver, presenting a speech on ‘’Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Renewable Energy Applications’’. By explaining the progress of power transistor, the speaker compared different characteristics of SiC, Si and GaN, and pointed out the role of high efficiency and high-density power devices in the field of renewable energy.
Prof. Stephen Oliver
The 2nd topic was Data center, IT equipment power supply. Dr. Yi Longqiang, from R&D Department in KEHUA Corporate gave a report on ‘’Research on Reliability Hotspot of Uninterruptible Power System for Data Center‘’. The report analyzed the hot issues of the data center uninterrupted power system, including uninterruptible power supply equipment how to enhance the reliability of power supply system, the reliability analysis and conclusion of the uninterrupted power system, and the relationship between reliability and availability of data center, etc.
Dr. Yi Longqiang
The US counterpart, Conor Quinn, Artesyn Embedded Technologies Director of PSMA gave a speech on “Architectural Shifts in Information Technology and Datacenter Equipment” A. The agenda of the speech contains: What is Old is New (IT Equipment);Who pays the bills and Drivers for Architecture Decisions; Power Architecture Evolution(Efficiency, Redundancy, Energy Storage and examples).
Conor Quinn
The last topic of the workshop was about Consumer AC-DC (smartphone, laptop, TV, etc.) Dr. Alpha Zhang’s report title was‘’ Adapter Power Trend and Technology Development‘’. Based on the market trend analysis of ac adapter for laptop and consumer products, Dr. Alpha Zhang discussed the key technology trends and challenges, and finally introduced in details of design of the world smallest adapter.
Dr. Alpha Zhang
In this part, Prof. Stephen Oliver came back to the rostrum and finished the last report of the workshop, which pointed High-Frequency Eco-System Drives New Applications, New Solutions.
In the end of each topic, the two speakers spared 15minutes to answer the questions about the topic put forward by the listeners. Also, there was a networking and drinking session after all the presentations were done when participants could interact with speakers closely. The atmosphere during the workshop was active and warm.
Question and Answer
Networking and drinking