As the demand for fast charging increases, the transition in universal serial bus (USB) connectors from the old, slow, low-power Type-A to new, fast, high-power Type-C accelerates.

After introducing the world’s smallest 65W ‘2C+1A’ fast charger in May, SHARGE introduced the world’s smallest 100W 3C+1A charger on July 18th 2020 at the “Shanji 100W Supercharger Flagship Conference” in Shenzhen, reported by Chongdiantou.

 “Full Power On!”

With 4-outputs, the SHARGE fast charger can simultaneously power laptops, tablets, phones, earbuds, etc. up to the 100W aggregate capability. While retaining a single USB Type-A socket for legacy loads (e.g. wireless headphones with using low-power Micro-USB), the new charger has 3 USB Type-C sockets which feature USB power delivery (PD). The PD protocol is a communications loop between the charger and the device under charge – e.g. your Samsung S20 or Dell XPS – to deliver high quality, reliable power at the correct voltage and current for the state of the battery. Two of the Type-C ports are rated up to the maximum PD rating of 100W – more than enough to fast charge laptops as big and power-hungry as the Apple MacBook Pro 16”.

The 3C1A charger comes with space-saving folding AC pins, plus users can switch to Australian, British, and European  / Korean AC connectors for an easy, lightweight, all-in-one travel experience.

Measuring only 73 x 73 x 28 mm (149 cc) and a lightweight 220 g, the SHARGE 100W uses gallium nitride (GaN) a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20x faster than old, slow silicon (Si), and enables 3x more power, which translates to up to 3x faster charging in half the size & weight. Navitas GaNFast power ICs monolithically integrated with GaN logic and GaN analog circuits on a single GaN chip to form a true GaN power IC. These ‘digital-in power-out’ building blocks deliver robust, high-efficiency performance up to 2 MHz and are used by SHARGE for the power-factor correction (PFC) and downstream DC-DC converter stages inside the 100W fast charger. Peak efficiency is up to 92.% and the nominally-100W charger has a peak power rating up to 115W.

During the launch, Navitas’ Rome Luo (Staff Field Applications Engineer) received a certificate of appreciation from SHARGE Founder Zhang Qianyin (Bo) ZHANG, for excellent design support during the development and qualification.

The SHARGE 100W 3C1A retails at only US$ 79.90 internationally and only 289 RMB in the China market, which is 3x-4x lower price than the equivalent aggregate Apple chargers.

While SHARGE (Shineji) is a new company, it has introduced many leading-edge fast chargers using GaNFast power ICs and established a 98%+ rating at on-line retailers such as, Xiaomi Youpin and Taobao. Now that’s going GaNFast!