Chinese Translation: 纳微半导体 GaN 功率IC 实现 世界上最小的65W USB-PD 手提电脑电源适配器

Up to 5x smaller and lighter than old, slow Silicon-based designs

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(PRWeb)— Navitas Semiconductor today announced the world’s smallest 65W USB-PD (Type C) adapter reference design, to keep pace with the dramatic size and weight reductions in laptop designs over the last 10 years. High-frequency, high-efficiency AllGaNTM Power ICs are used to deliver 65W in only 45cc / 2.7in3 and only 60g in weight by minimizing the size, weight and cost of transformers, filters and heatsinks.  By contract, existing silicon-based designs can require 6-7in3 and weigh over 300g.

“Finally, a laptop adapter is thin and light – like the laptop it charges – and at a great price”, said Stephen Oliver, the company’s vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Power designers have been faced with several, conflicting industry challenges, from new USB Type C connectivity and USB PD (Power Delivery) output compliance to statutory energy efficiency standards and the ever-present issue of cost. Navitas GaN Power ICs deliver the simultaneous achievements of high-speed operation and high efficiency to enable a single system design that meets all of those challenges – at the same or lower cost than old, slow silicon designs”.

The new NVE028A reference design uses GaN Power ICs in an in an active clamp flyback (ACF) topology running 3x-4x faster and with 40% lower loss than typical adapter designs, to deliver smaller size and reduced costs. The design is fully compliant with European CoC Tier 2 and US DoE Level VI efficiency standards, in addition to reaching peak efficiencies of over 94% at full load.

“This is a major achievement in adapter design”, said Mark Dehong Xu, President of the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) and Director of the Institute of Power Electronics, Zhejiang University. “I think China Power Supply manufactures have been looking for wide-band-gap components like this, to further increase the power supply’s efficiency and power density to satisfy the requirement of customers”.

Unlike earlier attempts at high-density adapters, the NVE028A achieves small size (51 x 43 x 20.5 mm cased) and breakthrough power density (1.5 W/cc, 24 W/in3 cased) using simple, standard, low-cost manufacturing techniques.

“Since we introduced the AllGaN platform at APEC’16, Navitas has announced single and half-bridge GaN Power ICs, the world’s smallest 150W adapter, and now the world’s smallest, fully-compliant 65W USB-PD design”, said Gene Sheridan, Navitas CEO. “This is the flexible, high-performance, cost-effective platform that meets and exceeds the targets of the mobile and consumer charger markets”.

For more information about the 65W NVE027A reference design, contact [email protected].

About CPSS

Founded in 1983, the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) promotes the progress of Chinese power supply science and industry. The power supply is a multidisciplinary science, it uses Semiconductor Power Device, Electromagnetic Element, Battery and other components via Electrical Engineering, automatic control, microelectronics, electrochemistry, new energy technologies, and other technology. There are 17 local societies, 8 professional departments, and 6 functionary committees. The CPSS organizes technical conferences, exhibitions, and publishes technical, peer-reviewed periodicals, handbooks and proceedings. To accelerate the progress of information of the society, the CPSS set up There are 700 members and 3,000 associated enterprises.

About Navitas

Navitas Semiconductor Inc. is the world’s first and only GaN Power IC company, founded in 2013 and based in El Segundo, CA, USA. Navitas has a strong and growing team of power semiconductor industry experts with a combined 200 years of experience in materials, devices, applications, systems and marketing, plus a proven record of innovation with over 200 patents among its founders. The proprietary AllGaN™ process design kit monolithically integrates the highest performance GaN FETs with logic and analog circuits. Navitas GaN Power ICs enable smaller, higher energy efficient and lower cost power for mobile, consumer, enterprise and new energy markets. Over 30 Navitas patents are granted or pending.


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