Application Notes

For layout guidelines, paralleling and programming dV/dt, please refer to individual product datasheets

AN Ref. Title Download Date Notes
GaN ICs Simplify Designs, Improve Performance and Boost Robustness & Reliability Jun/2022
Bodo’s Panel: The Industry Leader in GaN Power ICs May/2022
采用了GaNSense™技术的NV6169 PQFN 8×8 GaNFast™功率IC,适用于更高功率的应用 May/2022
AN016: NV6169 PQFN 8×8 GaNFast™ Power IC with GaNSense™ Technology for Higher-Power Applications May/2022
Autonomous GaN Power ICs Deliver High-Performance, Reliable Motor Drives May/2022
Reducing Consumer Electronics’ impact with Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Semiconductors Apr/2022
GaN Reliability: Beyond Performance and Efficiency Apr/2022
GaNFast™ 20-Year Warranty (Chinese) Mar/2022
GaNFast™ 20-Year Warranty Mar/2022
GaN Half-Bridge ICs Enable Next Gen MidPower, Multi-Port, High-Density Charger Topologies Mar/2022
Advancements in GaN Power IC System Integration Mar/2022
Navitas Exhibitor Seminar Mar/2022
GaN Adoption, Market-by-Market Mar/2022
Chinese Sustainability Report 2021 Feb/2022
Sustainability Report 2021 Feb/2022
AN015: 具有无损电流检测和自动保护功能的GaNSense™技术的新一代GaNFast™Power ICs Dec/2021
AN015: New GaNFast™ Power ICs with GaNSense™ Technology Loss-Less Current Sensing & Autonomous Protection Dec/2021
Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Event: GaNFast™ Power IC Solutions for EV, Solar & Industrial Dec/2021
Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Event: GaNFast™ Architecture, Performance in High-Power Systems Dec/2021
Next-Generation Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Accelerates Carbon Neutrality Dec/2021
Power Up Virtual Expo: Electrify Our World™ Dec/2021
Advances in GaN Power ICs: Efficiency, Reliability & Autonomy Nov/2021
Electronica South China – Navitas Nov/2021
Electrifying Our World: The Navitas Quality Journey Nov/2021
GaN Technology Enables Fast Electric Charging Systems Aug/2021
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Enables Next-Generation High-Frequency Circuits Jul/2021
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power ICs: Turning Academic Dreams into Industry Reality Jul/2021
International Women in Engineering Day Jun/2021
Electrify Our World™ Jun/2021
Pulsed ACF for Low-Profile GaN Fast Chargers Jun/2021
300W Multi-Mode Totem-pole PFCUsing GaN Power ICs Jun/2021
The Future of Power: High-Frequency Systems Enabled by GaN Apr/2021
Gallium Nitride: Catalyst for the Next Generation of Power Mar/2021
Fast Forward to the GaN Data Center Feb/2021
GaN: Future Direction & Challenges Feb/2021
The GaN Revolution in Fast Charging & Power Conversion Feb/2021
The Future of Charging is GaNFast! (English) Dec/2020
纳微GaNFast:定义快充新未来!(The Future of Charging is GaNFast!) (Chinese) Dec/2020
纳微氮化镓市场分享及展望A New Era in Fast Charging: Let’s Go GaNFast! (Chinese) Dec/2020
A New Era in Fast Charging: Let’s Go GaNFast! (English) Dec/2020
GaNFast Power ICs: The Game-Changer Jul/2020
GaNFast Power ICs: Past – Present – Future Jul/2020
GaN Power ICs Drive Fast Charger Innovation and Market Adoption Jun/2020
Integrated GaN Power Solution and Application (纳微集成氮化镓电源解决方案及应用) (Chinese) Jun/2020
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power IC Integration and Application (Chinese) May/2020
High-Density 65W USB-PD GaN Chargers: Market Demand, Technical Solutions and Pricing Mar/2020
Here Come the GaN Chargers (gallium nitride) Dec/2019
CPSSC 2019 GaNFast Charger Update (gallium nitride) (Chinese) Nov/2019
High-Frequency 150W PFC-LLC with GaN Power ICs (gallium nitride) Nov/2019
High-Frequency PFC-LLC with GaN Power ICs (gallium nitride) Nov/2019
GaNFast Power IC Modeling (gallium nitride) Nov/2019
GaN Power ICs Enables a Revolution in AC-DC Adapters (gallium nitride) Nov/2019